Overhead Crane Operations Manual

After the crane is installed and then function test and load test has done, it is necessary to conduct a training for the operator who will operate the crane and given overhead crane operations manual. This is to be done so the operators understand how to operate cranes that are appropriate and comply with safety rules in the installed crane area. The overhead crane operations manual is as follows.

Overhead Crane Operations Manual Guidance

Things to do before / when operating Overhead Crane:

  1. Ensure the condition of the brake and limit switches are in good condition.
  2. Check the safety latch on the wire rope.
  3. Perform a visual check on the wire rope and make sure it is in good condition.
  4. Pendant control access is in a position that is easy to reach.
  5. If damage occurs during operation, for safety stop operation immediately.
  6. Do not leave a burden that is being lifted without supervision.

Things not permitted in Overhead Crane operation:

  1. Lifting loads overcapacity.
  2. Moving loads across/above people.
  3. Standing/positioning the body under the weight being lifted.
  4. Pulling the load at an angle or dragging the load.
  5. Used to tow vehicles or remove items that are bound/connected to other objects.
  6. Lifting / pulling the load when the wire rope is loose or loosening the wire rope by connecting the hook to the load then pulling it.
  7. Pulling the pendant control out of its way so that the pendant cable rubs against the girders or other objects.
  8. Forces lifting heavy loads / tight.
  9. Deliberately changing or playing High / Low speed when lifting loads will cause the motor and brake to heat up quickly and may cause damage.
  10. Change the direction the movement of the crane in the opposite direction before the hoist is stopped.