The Difference Between Monorail and Crane

The Difference Monorail and Crane.

Sometimes we ask about the difference between a monorail and a crane. Basic difference between monorail vs crane is on the movement. Monorail can only move in two directions, in the vertical direction (up / down) or on the Y axis and in the horizontal direction along monorail beam or on the X axis. While crane able to move in three directions or more on the X, Y, Z axis and move radius in the vertical axis.

Monorails are widely used in narrow areas to move goods from one place to a wider area to facilitate in handling. Monorail is also widely used in industries that require lifting / hauling equipment which is capable of following the layout of a building or a continuous production process flow, for example in the steel industries, painting, etc.

Because of the limitations of the construction and its movement, generally the monorail capacity is also not too heavy. To overcome the limitations of movement on the monorail, some of monorail design are using a type of wheel or hoist that can rotate (swivel) following the runway beam or is deliberately rotated to reverse the position of the item being lifted.