The difference between Hoist, Monorail and Crane

The Difference of Hoist, Monorail and Crane

When we discussing the crane, we must be wondering about the difference between hoist, monorail and crane. All three are interconnected, one with another. Generally, a crane can be interpreted as a device or a machine that functions to move goods that are able to move on three axes X, Y, Z. While the hoist and monorail are part of the crane system. For more details, let’s discuss and describe one by one about it.


Perbedaan GMD30 Stationary Hoist dengan Crane

A hoist is one of the parts/components of the crane that functions to move up/down. Based on the mechanism and how it works, this equipment has four types, namely manual, hydraulic, pneumatic and electric hoist. The keyword is “up/down”.


Electric Monorail Chain Hoist 1 ton

The monorail is a device that can make two movements, vertically (up/down) on the X-axis and moves horizontally along the monorail beam. if an additional trolley is installed on the hoist so that it can move horizontally, it is called a monorail hoist. Monorail beams can be adjusted to the area and turn in radius using a special trolley that can rotate following the monorail track. This allows us to create an endless path or a continuous monorail system. A monorail is widely used to move goods in narrow areas and in production areas that require continuous processes such as in the painting area. The keyword is “two movements”.


Perbedaan Single Girder Overhead Crane dengan Hoist

As discussed earlier, cranes can make a minimum of three movements. A crane can move up/down (hoisting), right/left (crossing) and forward/backwards (traversing) or rotating in a radius on the X-axis. The crane has a hoist and trolley so that it can move up/down and move to the right/left along the girder like in an overhead travelling crane, or moving along a boom like in a jib crane. For the crane to be able to move forward/backwards, a pair of saddle or end carriages are added so that the crane can move along the runway. There is a pair of bearings on the jib crane, added between the pillar and the boom so the crane can rotate up to 360 degrees.

So in conclusion, the three objects have differences in their ability to make movements. Each can be used independently or integrated into a system so that its capabilities are increased. Which one will we choose? of course the most appropriate with the needs in the field. That is a little description regarding the hoist, monorail and crane. Hopefully, may be useful.