Considerations in Choosing the Right Crane

Considerations in choosing a crane type are as follows :

1. Budget or costs.

The first consideration in choosing a crane is cost. The availability of funds is certainly a crucial thing for the sustainability of a project. The larger and complex goods and equipment or working area that will be handled by a crane then the cost will be greater. Noteworthy in this case is the use of cost-efficient and in accordance with the price incurred for the procurement of goods or services needed, in this case is crane.

By spending a more expensive price we do not necessarily get a good quality goods as needed. Likewise, because of the low price consideration we should not ignore the quality and the needs in the field. Of course we need someone who understands and experts in their field to determine technical specifications as needed to get a goods with a best price and has a high quality. For this reason, we are always willing to assist you in discussing or consulting about the types and specifications of crane that are suitable to use in your projects or the needs of crane units in your company.

With our experience in crane and material handling for more than 25 years, we can help you to improve efficiency in your company by selecting the right equipment and to make them fit for the proper use.

Consideration Choosing Crane Type

2. Usability

The second factor need to be considered in choosing a crane type is usability. A suitable crane will certainly be more useful and effective in the field compared to other equipments with a limited ability. For example, to handle the distribution of large-sized equipment or a very heavy goods in a building with a narrow area and with many large machines on the floor using a forklift will certainly be different with using an overhead travelling crane. Forklifts require a relatively wider area to maneuver while using overhead cranes the operator can more freely move goods through the top area of the building.

Likewise with the offered technology whether it is in accordance as needed in the field or not. For example to move a pile product with more than 20 meters lenght requires a pair of cranes that can operate synchronously (tandem operation) using one control and with a constant distance. Provides managing of two or more cranes from a single control unit, where multiple cranes are required to be operated synchronously. With additional wireless communication between the cranes, it is ensured that both cranes stop functioning in case any of failure on any one of the units. The sway factor will occur at the load and needs also to be a consideration because it may cause difficulties for operator to operate the crane. Standard features on our products such as Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and additional features of anti-sway system can help you to overcome problems caused by swaying due to acceleration factors.

3. Location

Without leaving aside the analysis of environmental impacts, the location and place of installation must certainly be considered. Access to locations that can be passed by large vehicles and heavy equipment will certainly facilitate the delivery and installation process at site.

Working area and location of the equipment to be installed will also affect of choosing the type and specification of cranes needed. Overhead cranes can be installed in areas with a strong building or construction so the crane runways and rails can be installed to support the end carriages.

If the location is a vacant land, gantry crane or semi gantry crane can be an alternative. Likewise, if the unit is only temporarily used until the project is completed. By building a concrete or steel profile foundation along the runway.

If the working area is circular or radius and the load to be handled is not too heavy then a jib crane can be used as an alternative and at a lower cost.

4. Safety.

The fourth consideration in choosing the right crane is safety. Safety is certainly will always be a priority and must be taken into consideration. Starting from the shipping process to the installation process must be refer to the Health and Safety Rules. Features such as overload protection and limit switches will provide a maximum safety. Likewise, with additional accessories such as alarms or buzzers and rotary lamps will be a warning sign to workers that there are cranes running in the area.

5. Durability and Reliability.

For long-term investments, durability and reliability must be considered for the equipment selection. Durable and reliable machines are certainly preferred over the machines that are often damaged and short-lived. Of course, taking into consideration that the crane is used properly refers to the manual book.

With products that have been proven and used in more than 60 countries in the world, we offer high-quality and reliable hoists and cranes. The hoist motor uses ABM (made in Germany) which is a guarantee of quality for world-famous hoist products. The production and assembly process of the hoist and its components is carried out in accordance with high quality management standards. Hoists and components are manufactured using modern and high-tech machinery and equipment at Guralp manufacturing facilities in Turkey. Guralp is the first member of European Material Handling Federation (FEM) from Turkey which guarantees a durable and reliable product.

6. Man Power

Another consideration in choosing crane is the availability of man power. Our products are designed to be easy to operate and easy to carry out repairs and maintenance. After commissioning, if necessary we can conduct training for operators, both theory in class and in hands-on practice in the field. Every Guralp hoist product is always equipped with a manual which contains operating and maintenance guidelines. You do not need to worry if your company does not have technicians who can handle hoists or cranes, because our technicians are always ready to serve throughout Indonesia.

7. Spare Parts Availability

Sometimes we receive complaints from some users who find it difficult to find spare parts for their products. One focus of our business is the procurement of hoist and crane components and parts from various brands. Therefore we always have a recommended stock of components and fast moving parts for the hoists and cranes products we sell.

8. Warranty and After Sales Service

Our products are guaranteed. After sales service is always our main focus to ensure customer satisfaction with our products and services.

Those are some things to consider in choosing the type and specifications of cranes that suitable with your needs. Hopefully, this description is useful and eases you in making decisions.

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