Anti Sway Control System

When operating overhead cranes or gantry cranes, operators often experience difficulties caused by swinging loads on the hook path. The swing load requires the operator to be more careful and focused in maneuvering and adjusting the speed when the crane moves crossing and travelling so that the load being carried does not hit any objects arround. This swing load can cause damage to it self or goods and facilities that are nearby. With anti sway control system we able to reduce swing of a payload shifted by crane so that the operators can now easily move loads when travelling and crossing. By using the Anti Sway Control System we can reduce the swing significantly when the crane is moving and then stop during trolley traverse or bridge travel motion.

Anti-Sway System

Imagine if it happened to fragile items such as in the precast concrete or glass industry. The losses incurred will be very large if it occurs to an expensive goods or equipment, not only material losses but also time lost due to damage caused.

With the reduction of the swing on the object carried, the operator can be more focus to handling the goods being carried by a crane and it is easier to maneuver in a narrow area or nearby to other objects.

Of course, this system may improving work safety and also reduce the time needed for handling goods to be moved. The use of anti-sway control systems in several industries can improve work effectiveness and increase company efficiency.

Benefits of Anti-sway applications :
• More safety and less accident risk.
• Protects load and hoist, so reduces the need for the maintenance.
• Reduces the responsibility of the operator and accordingly provides more concentration on work.
• With a low cycle time (up to 25%), it saves operating time and provides low energy costs especially for automatic machines.


Load anti sway system

Illustration of Anti Sway Control usage.