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PT. Hutama Wisesa Kertakarya is a Hoist Crane Distributor & Steel Structure Company in Indonesia. We have been in the business of crane systems since 1994. With the expertise and our experiences, we would like to share and contribute to the development of our Nation being carried out by the Government as well as Private Companies. With all humility, we offer our high quality products, to help, facilitate and ease your work by selecting appropriate and efficient supporting equipments. By selecting the right supporting equipment, it will increase productivity in your company.

Products Range :

1. Trading

  • Crane components, wire rope hoist, chain hoist, wheel block, drive unit, electrical control system, power supply system.

  • Handling equipments ( vacuum lifting equipment for glass handling, container spreader, radio remote control, scissor clamps, magnetic lifter ).

  • Guaranteed second-hand hoist.

  • Electro Hydraulic Disc Brake.

2. Design & Production

  • Overhead crane.
  • Gantry and semi gantry crane.
  • Jib crane.
  • Wall running jib crane.
  • Aluminium light crane.
  • Container handling crane.
  • Goods lift / Cargo lift.
  • Transfer trolley / Transfer cart.
  • Refurbishment of existing crane.
  • Steel structures.

3. Service & Maintenance

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We help you to Grow your Business

We Produce and assemble supporting units for cranes to be more efficient in order to make them fit for the proper use

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