We provide cranes, hoists and their components and material handling equipment that suits your needs. We provide material handling equipment and we produce and assemble supporting units for cranes to be more efficient to make them fit for the proper use.


If we plan a project, whether it is a construction, factory buildings, workshops, warehouses or facilities contained in power plants or mines, we need to consider the supporting equipment to carry out the distribution and the movement of goods in the area. As well as the supporting facilities to carry out service and maintenance need to be prepared to facilitate the activities and to avoid loss of time and prevent the cessation of the production process due to the unavailability of the equipment needed to repair.

In determining the types of equipment needed to support the activities, we should consider the following:

  1. Budget or costs that need to be allocated.
  2. Usability.
  3. Environment / location.
  4. Safety.
  5. Toughness or reliability.
  6. Availability of manpower to operate and carry out maintenance.
  7. Spare parts availability.
  8. Warranty and after-sales service.

If you have any doubt about the specification that most suitable for your facility, we welcome you to contact us to provide solutions for your cranes and material handling equipment. We will be happy to be your crane manufacturer.

The following are some of material handling equipment and their components.

Electric Hoist Crane GMD Type

Electric Hoist

Guralp electric hoist produced between the capacities 1 ton and 80 tons as standard, with different speed and working class options.

Various of Crane Systems

Crane Systems

We provide material handling equipments and we produce and assemble supporting units for cranes to be more efficient to make them fit for the proper use.

Mobilis Crane Power Conductor

Power Conductor

Mobilis Busbar and Conductor Rail System. Range from 20 A to 630 A. Mobilis Elite (20 A to 200 A). Mobilis Movit (315 A , 450 A, 630 A).

Continuous Monorail Hoist System


Monorails are suitable to used into continuous production systems for material transport such as hot metal operations in a foundry, paint booth, etc.

Cargo Lift Installation

Cargo Lift

A Cargo lift or goods lift designed to carry goods, rather than passengers. Goods lifts used to move goods between floors. Goods lift suitable for use in a shop, warehouse or factory. A dumbwaiter is a small freight elevator or lifts intended to carry foods between floors. They commonly used in hotels and restaurants.

Spare Parts Crane Components

Crane Components

Surely a crane manufacturer should provide a wide range of crane & hoist components and spare parts for production activities.

crane remote control systems for material handling equipments

Crane Control Systems

We provide various type of crane control systems that suitable for your cranes such as push-button pendant control, wireless radio remote control, joystick.

Crane Electro Hydraulic Disc Brake for material handling machines

Electro-Hydraulic Disc Brake

An Electro-hydraulic disc brake used for service and parking brakes such as belt conveyors. In hoists and cranes, they used for lifting heavy loads.

Scissors Clamp for concrete material handling

Scissors Clamp

Concrete clamping tool for lifting slabs of marble and concrete with a capacity of 350 kg to 1500 kg.

Transfer Cart for material Handling

Transfer Cart

Transfer cart is a piece of handling equipment used for material transfer along the hall. The upper platform designed following the requirement of the material to be handled.

Permanent Magnetic Lifter for material handling

Permanent Magnetic Lifter

Permanent Magnetic Lifter (PML) is suitable for loading / unloading steel, iron or magnetic material such as steel plates and blocks. With the capacities between 100 kg to 6000 kg.

Second-hand hoist for handling material

Guaranteed Second-Hand Hoist

The guaranteed second-hand hoist that we sell has passed the inspection and repair process by our experienced technicians so that the quality is guaranteed.

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