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Electric Hoist

Guralp electric hoist is produced between the capacities 1 ton and 80 tons as standard, and special hoist up to 200 tons with different speed and working-class options. The Electric hoists groups involve stationary, monorail trolley and double girder trolley hoists. Their compact design provides the ability to work at narrow spaces. As the consequence of the improved technological investments, being fabricated within automation conditions, our hoists can serve for a long and continuous time, which claimed by many tests. The design of these electric hoists with modular, standard, easy maintenance and service abilities, have been completed after the serious research of the technical staff about the crane concept that satisfies the world standards. All the trolley groups of the wire rope hoists have been replaced with end carriages version and all the end carriages have been improved so that they will be direct drive type.

Electric Hoist Capacity 63 ton

One of the most important aspects considered by the crane users is the hoist’s headroom and Guralp has managed to have one of the lowest headrooms. By utilizing the special control panel designed specifically, having an ergonomic view as well. By improving the production lines and getting high quality and efficiency this way Guralp is making a difference either with the 100% static tests applied on the prototype and making risk analysis which is generally a missed out subject. All the lifting machines produced are subjected to dynamic and static load tests following the relevant FEM and TS EN 15011 standard in a specially prepared test station. In the Final Test phase, the power and current values of the lifting gearbox, overload protection limit value, etc. After testing more than 70 critical control points, the control and test results are recorded in the Fınal Test Report and presented to the customer in the product technical file.

Certificate Quality FEM
Quality Test Area

Electric Wire Rope

Some of the Key Elements on GMD Wire Rope Hoist:

  • Strong structure body.
  • Spring equipped casting wire rope guide.
  • ABM hoisting drives (contactor control or VFD control options).
  • VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) control standard for horizontal movements.
  • Hinged (mentioned as “pivoted” or “jointed” in some literature) double girder trolley end carriages.
  • Electronic load cell against overloading. Since it’s electronic, the opportunity to make different applications (digital load display, load-dependent speed control, etc.).
  • PLC equipped control panel providing basic Hoist Monitoring System data and controlling the hoist independent of the operator when necessary.

General Standard Features :

  • Double-stage limit switches with Minimum swing with soft start & stop.
  • Compliance with local and international standards.
  • Ideal design for easy and fast maintenance.
  • Quiet, powerful and stylish design.
  • Thermal contact for hoist motor.
  • Smart control panel.
  • Phase sequence and phase failure control delay.
  • Hoist motor protection switches.
  • Direct drive end carriages group.
  • 10-year spare part availability guarantee
Single Girder Electric Wire Rope Hoist Capacity 12.5 ton

Monorail Wire Rope Hoist

With the capacities between 1 ton to 12.5 tons, Guralp Monorail Hoists has one of the lowest headroom so it is possible to maximize the height of the hoisting lift. We have two choices of hoisting speed, double speed (High/Low) or variable speed (Inverter).

GMD Double Girder Electric Wire Rope Hoist Capacity 80 ton

Double Girder Wire Rope Hoist

Our Double Girder Hoist capacities between 1 ton to 80 tons, with several choices of lifting speeds and FEM Class. Double speed (High / Low) or variable speed (Inverter).

Guralp GMD Foot Mounted

Foot Mounted Electric Hoist

Guralp's Fixed / foot mounted hoists produced with capacities up to 32 tons.

Guralp Special Design Electric Hoist Capacity 150 ton

Special Design Hoist

For your hoist requests with different capacity, speed or working-class specs that cannot be satisfied within the standard products, we’re able to create special designs that are carried out by our engineering team according to the related standards.

Electric Chain

Guralp Chain Hoist, which endowed with superior German technology allows safer business through a high level of security. The ergonomic and compact designs procure an easy and unproblematic operation in many areas. Due to the extremely easy operation and low maintenance requirements, it helps to increase work efficiency. Associated with the minimum installation and operating cost of the long life. It will be always the product of choice.

Chain Hoist Guralp Capacity 500 kg

GMD Chain Hoist

Superior German technology. Maximum safety. Compact design. Easy usage and maintenance. Long lifetime. Low running cost. Fast delivery.

GMD Chain Hoist Capacity 2 ton

Guralp Chain Hoist

Precise safety clutch. Foolproof electrical connections. Modular hoist suspension. Outstanding flexibility.