Cargo Lift / Goods Lift

A cargo lift / goods lift generally consists of:

  • Hoist for lifting / lowering the elevator.

  • A Structure that functions as a hoist holder.

  • Sliding room or construction that functions as a sliding room which is equipped with rails.

  • Cages are adjusted to the shape and the dimensions of the object to be carried.

  • Guide shoe and oil box.

  • Electrical, including cables, control panels, push buttons and limit switches.

  • Safety device.

  • Buffers are installed at the bottom of the cage as a shock absorber.

The systems are designed to carry goods, rather than passengers. They are used to move goods between floors. The lifting device is suitable for use in a shop, warehouse or factory. A dumbwaiter is a small lift intended to carry foods between floors. They are commonly used in hotels and restaurants. There are two types of goods lift that are commonly used, they are independent and semi-independent. In the independent type, the elevator construction stands alone / apart from the main construction of the building. In the semi-independent type, the construction is integrated with the building and is in the sliding room.

Lift Cargo 2 ton
Cargo Lift Installation