Chain Hoist or Wire Rope

Chain hoist or wire rope ? Of course, it has occurred to us when we are required to choose one of the two types of hoists that are widely available on the market. There are several fundamental differences that we can use as a reference in choosing the type of hoist that suits our needs.

Chain Hoist Capacity 750 kg

Electric Chain Hoist.

This type is very effective to used in workshops, factories, small workshops and as standby maintenance cranes at water treatment stations. As its name, it uses a chain that can move up and down.

The disadvantages:

  1. Relatively smaller lifting capacity.
  2. Lifting height is limited, or shorter than the wire rope type.
  3. Lower lifting speed.
  4. Duty Class is more limited.

The advantages:

  1. The price is cheaper than a wire rope hoist.
  2. Able to use a manual trolley type.
  3. The shape and its size is more compact than a wire rope hoist.